At JetSolutions, we provide a comprehensive range of treatment methods to get rid of your mold problem. As each client’s facility is different, our specialists will employ the most effective methods depending on the severity of infestation and sensitivity of surroundings. Chemicals used in our treatment are government-approved and specially selected for their safety, odourless and stainless properties.

Identifying the source of the problem

Our highly skilled specialists will find out what is causing your infestation as well as how far your infestation has spread. Many times, clients only notice infestation spots that are obvious and become astonished when we show them their "hidden" infestations.

Disinfecting surfaces

Using a tested and proven microbial chemical and effective equipment, our specialists will disinfect your infested surfaces. This step will destroy the visible mold, as well as remove the ugly mold stains on your walls and ceilings, etc. Treated surfaces will continue to have a residual effect of killing mold, fungus, and bacteria.

Microbial Fogging

Our specialists will fill your internal space with microbial chemical to treat microscopic mold spores, fungus, and bacteria in the air. This step will allow the chemical to attack the mold at a molecular level, effectively destroying 100% of the mold that it comes in contact with.

Aircon Flushing

Air-conditioners are frequently used in humid environments and they suck in mold-filled air before blowing out cool air. This results in air-con filters being covered with dust and mold spores. Our specialists will carefully flush your filters and air-con units with microbial chemical to prevent them from re-circulating mold spores into your internal air.

Air Scrubbing

To completely clean out your air, we use a negative air machine/ air scrubber to pull in your infested air through multiple layers of filters and blow out clean odourless air free from mold spores. In other words, we pretty much "changed" your internal air.

Anti-mold Painting

After treatment is done, anti-mold paint can be used if necessary. Unlike other companies that overcharge you just for the paint and do not carry out any painting work, we at JetSolutions handle it all. Like our mission states, we serve from the heart.

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