- Our Mission -

Providing effective mold and bedbug solutions through patience and dedication.

- Why We Work -

At JetSolutions, we come into work everyday knowing that we are going to solve problems. Whether it’s our coordinators turning on their computers, or our technicians getting into their vehicles, the goals are the same: helping our customers get rid of unhealthy mold and blood-sucking bedbugs by caring about the result.

 Our company was founded by Li, a pest control specialist, who experienced first-hand the poor work quality caused by bad technician attitude, over-charging of customers, and technicians finishing up a job quickly to rush to another job because their company values quantity over quality.

At JetSolutions, these will never happen as our foundation is built around one central principle: Serving From The Heart.

People who come to us have one thing in common, they are worried. They are worried about mold damaging their lungs and their walls and furniture; they are worried about their children getting allergic reactions to bedbug bites; and they are worried about paying a lot of money to substandard vendors that can’t solve their problem.

That is why, at JetSolutions, we only specialize in mold remediation and bedbugs treatment as compared to general pest companies, allowing us to focus our time and resources to educating every technician on the best ways to battle mold and bedbugs. Our technicians are trained to be detailed in each treatment phase and to conduct each treatment as if they were treating their own homes.

- Why Choose Us -

Staff Training and Education

Our technicians are NEA Certified and trained. We also conduct regular discussions and sharing sessions to build on the experiences of one another to improve our service quality and effectiveness.

Safe and Effective Chemicals Only

Our chemicals are NEA approved, premium quality, and specially selected through many stages of testing for environmental safety and effectiveness. Our chemicals are odourless, stainless, and safe to use even in medical facilities and food production facilities.

Serving From The Heart

Quality of service is our priority. We take pleasure in ensuring this from the effectiveness of our treatments down to our communication with clients. We treat each service location as our own and each client's worries as our own. That is the Jet way.

Let us help you solve your problem.

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